Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant

Oh no more, no more do I seek brilliant gems
Or silver or gold
I just want more of You, Jesus
Please hear my cry
The cry of my heart and soul

No more do I look to others
For popularity or mere human love
For I have tasted of You Father
And there is NOTHING that compares
To Your love
No, nothing and nobody

As the deer pants for the water
So my soul longeth after You alone
Encircle me in Your gentle arms
Tell me again of Your love for me
And how it’s going to be one day soon
Oh how I love to gaze upon Your face
And bury my weary head
In Your garments of mercy

Oh why me Lord
Why have You chosen to bless me thus
For I, in no way, deserve You
Yet You are the Lover of my soul

Laying here with my head on Your breast
How I love to hear Your eternal heartbeat
And how it has now been placed within me
For I can go nowhere in all of the universe
And be without You

How I exult in You Jesus
Truly I will praise You
With You,in eternity

©Jacqueline Whyte
July 21, 2017